Deco Lighting is a leading LED lighting manufacturer changing the world of lighting with the latest green technology, energy saving lighting and controls. Renowned for innovative, intelligent lighting solutions,

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  • RetroFit - LINEA-STRIP

    Convert your existing 4' and 8' fluorescent strips to our architectural high-end LED wrap-around fixture by simply removing the ballast
  • Wall Mount - D411-LED

    The D411-LED polycarbonate wall pack’s compact design is ideal for office buildings, homes, townhouses, storage buildings, and restaurants.
  • Canopy - D510-LED

    The D510-LED combines strength-gaining design with energy saving technology. Architecturally angled facets with radius corners provide an even distribution of
  • Canopy - D530-LED

    The D530-LED provides symmetrical light distribution in wattages up to 150W MH as an unbreakable replacement answer to commercial fixtures
  • Canopy - D533-LED

    The low profile D533-LED canopy light is perfect for security, entry ways, and perimeter lighting. Universal flush mount or pendant
  • Outdoor - DBM-LED - Black Mamba

    The Black Mamba LED cobrahead luminaire provides the latest green technology, energy saving solution for streetlighting, highways, and general area
  • Outdoor - D809-LED Belltino

    The D809-LED Belltino Outdoor Luminaire sets the standard in flexibility for architectural area lighting. Traditional shape, rugged, heavygauge, spun aluminum
  • Outdoor - D827 High Performance Area

    For new construction or upgrades to existing sites, the D827 High Performance Area Luminaire offers you an extensive selection of
  • High Bay - LINEA-HB-LED - Linea High Bay Retrofit Kit

    The Linea High Bay Retrofit Kit converts a 4 lamp T5 or 6 lamp T5/T8 fluorescent high bay fixture to
  • High Bay - BLLT-LED

    Dramatic design, innovative new Bullet High Bay luminaire is sealed and weatherproof, IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications, including
  • Indoor Architectural - RONDE-LED

    The Ronde gives you the choice of form and mounting. Surface or pendant mounted, the Ronde will create an effect
  • Indoor Surface - DFP-LED

    DFP-LED is an LED troffer luminaire designed for installation in 2-foot by 2-foot conventional suspended grid ceilings for new construction