intellilum logoThe LED revolution is over. To no one’s surprise, LEDs have won. Solid-state lighting is changing how we light the world, successfully displacing traditional illumination sources across every part of the global lighting market. Over the next few years, billions of sockets will be in play.

This transition has kicked off a new phase of LED adoption — the race to connect every socket. The stakes are high for consumers and vendors alike. A trifecta of qualities — ubiquity, network connectivity and access to power — make intelligent lights a perfect platform on which the promise of the Internet of Things can start to come to life.

Behind the scenes, this race to own sockets is really a contest to see who will control the infrastructure of the IoT across our built environment. These intelligent, networked, sensor-laden lights of the near future will form the central nervous system of every smart building.

Beyond simple illumination, this “Internet of Buildings” built on top of next-generation lighting systems will forever change the way we interact with the spaces in which we live.

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tidal powerWorld's most ambitious tidal power project underway in Scotland

In the north coast of Scotland, the world's most ambitious tidal power project is well underway. Engineers are working to tap the immense energy potential of the oceans, and a network of cables have already been laid on the sea floor.

Soon, the first underwater turbines will be lowered into position, where the massive tidal forces will turn their rotors to make electricity.

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